Disturbing Eyeball Tattoos

Tattooing was always popular and in the ancient time it was part of the rituals. It remains in human nature a need to disconnect yourself from the world we are living and reconnect with the spiritual world. If you are marked you will be easier noticed by Gods. Today people are very inventive with tattoos and some are really piece of art and some are the stupidest ever. Some are there to impress you and to draw attention and some are pretty bizarre and look pretty sick. If the intention was to shock, than this people did it. With tattooing eyeballs they look scary and are being noticed wherever they go. I am sure that this was not easy thing to do. Just a thought of something being near your eye is a scary thought, and even scarier is the fact that this is not reversible, it is once in the life time and you will have it all of your life. So, if you are to do this, than better think twice and be prepared to look at this in the mirror every day ’till the rest of your life and to be noticed around wherever you go. If you can handle it, go ahead and do it.

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